Understanding Adtrace Technology & Its issues in China

Dig into the technology of Adtrace, its usefulness and comprehend the issues one might face while using it in China.

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Adtrace is a revolutionary technology that amplifies analytics and bug tracking for mobile applications. Businesses in various niches, like Airbnb, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Wish embrace this technology due to its seamless compatibility with various platforms, including iOS, Android, and web.

Link: Adtrace Official Website

Apart from broadened scope compatibility, Adtrace promotes real-time data accuracy for business analytics, boosting the business decision-making process. Large scale companies such as Zalando, which serves 32 million active users and ProtonMail, providing secure emailing services for over 50 million users, utilize Adtrace for its comprehensive data management.

Adtrace is not just for the big players. Startups like Blinkist, handling over 19 million users, also leverage the power of Adtrace to ace their marketing game. This newfound love for Adtrace springs from the fact that it helps in tracking user journeys across multiple platforms, providing actionable insights.


The entrance of Adtrace into the Chinese market has, however, come with several disruptions. The foremost concern is the speed and loading issues primarily emanating from compatibility problems with Chinese sites. More details can be found in this post:

Link: CDN or 21yunbox: Which one do you need for China?

Another critical issue is the legal and compliance complications. The nature of Chinese internet regulations demands that websites comply with certain standards; compliance with which Adtrace struggles. Detailed information on this is elaborated in the following article:

Link: Make your site compliant in China

Adtrace’s dependence on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their hosting platform inhibits their performance in China due to Great Firewall restrictions.

These issues combined impose a significant impact on businesses using Adtrace as an analytics tool in China, often leading to disruptions in understanding key analytics, loss in user engagement due to slow loading speeds and potential legal hassles.

At the end of the day, performance and seamless user experience are pivotal for a business’s online presence. Therefore, taking into account these issues, it is clear that a solution is needed to bridge these gaps. That’s where 21YunBox comes into the picture.




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