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Loom, a highly innovative technology that revolutionizes the way we communicate, is gaining popularity in the global computer software industry. This remarkable piece of technology is widely adopted by forward-thinking companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Square Inc., Dropbox, and Uber. These industry leaders utilize Loom for a range of activities, from troubleshooting customer queries to making remote collaboration much more interactive and efficient.

Moreover, Loom is lauded for its ability to capture, narrate and instantly share videos to simplify internal communication without the standardized time constraints. With features that enable users to record and sync videos in high quality, Loom significantly reduces the time taken to draft long descriptive emails, thus enhancing overall productivity.

Loom is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most reliable cloud infrastructures globally. More about their infrastructure can be found in their official documentation.


Loom users in China have reportedly encountered speed and loading issues, primarily due to the compatibility problems between foreign technologies and domestic Chinese sites. Although Loom is hosted on AWS, this cloud service isn’t optimized for the Chinese market, resulting in noticeable lag and inconsistency in loading speed. More on these issues can be found in this post.

Link: Speed and Loading Issues with Foreign Technologies in China

Another significant challenge for foreign technologies like Loom is adhering to Chinese law and compliance regulations. These legal matters can be complex and constantly evolving, making it crucial for foreign companies to stay updated. Learn more about these issues from this informative post.

Link: Understanding Legal and Compliance Issues in China

At 21YunBox, we streamline the process from Loom to our video hosting platform, allowing users to enjoy fast and efficient video playback without the need for reuploads. We offer a clean-looking video player, ensuring an improved streaming experience and faster loading speeds.

Moreover, we also ensure that websites and apps are optimized for exceptional performance in China, navigating the complexities of tech compatibility and legal compliances. Our platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of the Chinese market, making sure your services are always at their best.


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