Understanding Cvent's Operations and Challenges in China

Discover the workings of Cvent, its usage in top companies, and the difficulties it encounters in operating within China's tech environment.

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Cvent is a pioneer in the event management industry. It offers software solutions to event planners for online event registration, venue selection, event management, mobile apps for events, e-mail marketing, and web surveys. Notable companies such as Microsoft, Walmart, and Marriott hotels are known to use Cvent, citing its efficiency in handling large-scale event organization. Other notable users include KPMG, Coca-Cola, and various universities both local and international.

Cvent has a broad footprint with thousands of clients in over 100 countries. This extensive scale makes it a preferred choice as it offers a global platform for events management, connecting various players in the industry from around the world. In terms of infrastructure, Cvent utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet its computing and storage needs.

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Just like any foreign technology attempting to creep in China, Cvent faces various challenges in the Chinese market. One of the primary issues lies with speed or loading problems caused compatibility issues. Chinese internet infrastructure and certain online restrictions impede the smooth operation of many foreign tech companies including Cvent.

Another challenge is with legal and compliance issues. The Chinese government has stringent online regulations which foreign companies are bound to follow. Without the right partners or licenses, it becomes quite tough for these companies to operate. Cvent, being a service powered by AWS, inherits the challenges faced by AWS in China.

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Statistics indicate that out of the total Internet population in China, only a fraction is able to access global websites quickly or at acceptable speeds. As an event management company, this can hurt Cvent considering that efficient information delivery is a primary concern.

On social media, posts about Cvent service interruptions and slowdowns within China regularly gain significant attention, indicating awareness and concern amongst users.

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