Understanding Kaltura - A Guide to its Use and Issues in China

Gain insights on Kaltura's usage across the globe, the companies relying on it, and the unique challenges it faces in China.

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Kaltura is a leading video technology provider known for its extensive, flexible, and robust platform. This technology is used globally for video hosting and streaming, providing users with a range of capabilities. Broadly utilized in industries such as education, media, entertainment, and enterprises, Kaltura empowers organizations to expand the reach of their video content.

Major corporations rely on Kaltura, including HBO, Warner Bros, Philips, and Vodafone. HBO uses Kaltura for its on-demand services, while Warner Bros employs it for its streaming services. Philips uses Kaltura’s video platform for training and customer service. Vodafone utilizes Kaltura for its OTT services. These corporations range from telecom giants to media conglomerates, leveraging Kaltura’s versatile platform to meet their diverse needs.

Link: Kaltura’s Official Website


Kaltura, like many other cloud-based services, faces challenges in China. On the technical front, there are speed or loading issues. This is primarily due to compatibility problems with local internet services, making it more challenging to ensure smooth video delivery across the nation.

Moreover, Kaltura uses multiple cloud infrastructure providers, with AWS being a significant one. However, like other foreign cloud services, it often struggles with inconsistent performance in China. This, in combination with China’s restrictive internet regulations, increases the difficulty of maintaining a consistent quality of service.

Finally, the Chinese digital landscape also presents legal and compliance issues. These are often complicated and evolving, making it challenging for foreign companies to comply with local data privacy laws and regulations.

Link: Kaltura’s Infrastructure

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Now, for stats and data. There is an interesting fact about Kaltura: Despite the challenges, Kaltura has been showing robust growth. As per a recent report, the company has witnessed a year-on-year growth rate of 25% in the Asia-Pacific region, including China.

Regarding social posts about Kaltura, one of the most popular is a case study of HBO using Kaltura’s services for its on-demand platform, garnering thousands of likes and shares.

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