What is Youku and how to get started

Youku, also known as 优酷, is one of China's top online video and streaming service platforms and operates as a subsidiary of Alibaba Group.

Homepage of Youku
Homepage of Youku

About Youku

Youku, also known as 优酷, is one of China’s top online video and streaming service platforms and operates as a subsidiary of Alibaba Group.

Founded in 2003, Youku initially emphasized user-generated content. But unlike YouTube, which is banned in China, Youku later shifted its focus to professionally produced videos licensed from over 1,500 content partners.

On December 8, 2010, Youku was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2012, Youku and Tudou, two of the biggest online video companies in China, announced a merger, creating one of China’s biggest video sites, called Youku Tudou Video then. In 2015, Youku was acquired by Alibaba Group, with 580 million active monthly users last updated in 2019. Like most PGC content platforms, Youku has a premium membership subscription service, charging RMB 25 per month for some content and value-added services.

Now, as part of the Alibaba Group, Youku ads operate on algorithms by the Alibaba ecosystem and are thus quite effective for brands and businesses looking to reach local Chinese audiences across various demographics.

How To Get Started On Youku


Create an account at Youku with a phone number or social login.


Like most video-streaming platforms, Youku provides different advertisement formats, such as bumper and out-stream ads. To advertise on Youku, you may contact their team directly at https://acz.youku.com/wow/ykpage/act/contact.

Cost To Advertise On Youku

Costs for advertising on Youku range from 0.3 yuan to 140 yuan Cost Per Thousand (CPM). Refer to Youku’s full pricing here (updated 2020).

Pricing For Advertising On Youku
Pricing For Advertising On Youku



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