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We've written several dozen posts to help foreign companies succeed in China.

What is the China ICP License, and How do I get one?

An ICP (Internet Content Provider) license is the ticket for your websites, mobile apps, and content to operate, release, and publish legitimately in China.

Does WordPress Work in China?

TLDR; No, WordPress is not blocked in China, but most websites perform poorly and do not comply with the laws in China. We'll help you optimize your WordPress site in China.

Your Netlify Solution for China

Netlify does not work inside of China. So they teamed up with 21YunBox to provide Netlify users with a simple and compliant solution for China. This article will help you understand the hurdles and what is required to get your Netlify site stable and compliant in China.

How to improve Github Pages' Access Speed in China?

This Github Pages' China article provides a simple solution to get your Github Pages' powered websites fast, stable, and compliant in China.

How to Set Up E-Commerce in China

A guide to launching your e-commerce business in China, including licensing, hosting, and the 21YunBox advantage.

Adapting Your App for WeChat Mini Programs in China

Learn how to optimize your app for WeChat Mini Programs and tap into the Chinese market.

the 50th CNNIC Statistical Report on China's Internet Development

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently released the 50th Statistical Report on the Development of China's Internet, revealing critical data about current China's internet use.

How To Get an ICP (B25) License In China?

An ICP License (B25 License) allows a company to publish a website, platform, or software in China that generates revenue or provides a platform for others to generate revenue. To acquire a commercial ICP license for your website in China, your business need to meet many requirements and it will...

21YunBox Build FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Host a Website in China?

To host a legal website in China that complies with Chinese laws, the budget should be between $20,000 and $100,000 or more. Estimates are based on quotations from Alibaba Cloud, local agencies, and web providers in China.

Software Copyright Certificates in China

TL;DR If you are looking to publish your mobile apps in China, you need to get the China Software Copyright Certificates.

Make Your Site Work inside the Great Firewall of China

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Make Your Site Work Within the Great Firewall of China

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