Reason 1: Recent Launch in China

If you’ve just launched your site in China within the past 48 hours, it may take up to 48 hours for DNS to fully propagate—sometimes extending to 72 hours depending on your TTL settings, which cannot be adjusted after the fact.

Resolution: Simply wait for the DNS propagation to complete. Once this is done, your site should perform optimally within China.

Reason 2: Addition of New Pages

When new pages are added to your site, they undergo optimization as they are accessed. This means the first few visits to these new pages might experience slower load times.

Resolution: To accelerate optimization, you can request a rescan of your pages. Please send an email to

Reason 3: Trailing Third-Party Resources

Third-party resources such as trackers can significantly delay loading times, often taking more than 20 seconds to load even after optimization. These resources, such as analytics trackers, are not essential for the core visual experience and can impact performance.

Resolution: Consider removing non-compliant resources for China or schedule a consultation with our solution engineering team for deeper insights on how to address these issues.

For further assistance, contact 21YunBox Support at

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