Is your 21YunBox site not working as intended? Follow the steps below to troubleshoot it.

Follow the help docs below to troubleshoot your 21YunBox site respectively:

2. Confirm whether users are staying within your subscribed domain

If you’ve subscribed to 21YunBox under “” and not your other domains such as “”, any broken functionality on the latter is unrelated to 21YunBox.

Contact us to evaluate it for optimization under an additional 21YunBox plan or contact your account manager directly if you’re enrolled with the Enterpirse Plan.

3. Test the same page outside of China

We “inherit” the set-up of your original site so when a file/feature is broken, the same is reflected on the 21YunBox version of your site. If it recurs in both global and 21YunBox environments, contact your developer to fix it at the root.

4. Try viewing your site via different browsers, devices, and locations

Replicate the issue across devices, browsers (incognito preferred), and locations as best you can. Let us know if it’s reproducible across different environments.

5. Document your testing environment

There are multiple variables that can affect how a website performs in any browser environment. User-specific issues are especially challenging to investigate after the fact, as not all of them are easy to replicate so any information you can provide us would be helpful.

These variables can include issues with the website itself, Network Settings/Restrictions (e.g. common in office settings), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), poor internet connections, browser issues such as an outdated browser, human errors, and so forth.

  • Describe your device type, browser type, and network conditions
  • Document the issues with screenshots or recordings

6. Send us a HAR file/screenshots

Follow our guides to generate HAR files. It helps us better understand issues on the user end and it speeds up our process of finding a resolution.

Got questions? Contact us at 21YunBox Support (

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