Experiencing a server error on your 21YunBox site? Here’s how to identify and address the issue effectively.

1. DDoS Mitigation

What is DDoS Mitigation?

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) mitigation involves security protocols designed to combat attempts to disrupt normal traffic to your website. At 21YunBox, we manage this along with your developers and CMS provider globally, including in China.

Potential Issue and Solution

While DDoS protection secures your site, it may block significant but legitimate traffic, especially in China.

How you can help: Consider adjusting the rate limit or threshold for DDoS protection.

How 21YunBox can help: Contact us to discuss adjusting the DDoS protection settings to allow more legitimate traffic.


Understanding the Error

This error indicates a DNS lookup failure, meaning your domain could not connect to the web server.

Steps to Resolve

  1. Check DNS Settings: Log into your dashboard, select your optimized website, navigate to “domains,” and verify your DNS settings against our recommendations.
  2. Awaiting External DNS: Ensure your DNS settings include the correct CNAME and A records.

How 21YunBox can help: Send a screenshot of your DNS settings to our support team for verification.

3. “Your Connection is Not Private”

What Does This Mean?

This SSL certificate error occurs when there is a problem verifying the security of your connection, potentially indicating an expired or invalid certificate.

Regional vs. Global Issue

  • Global Issue: Consult with your developers if the problem is global.
  • Regional Issue: Specifically in China, contact the 21YunBox Support Team.

How 21YunBox can help: We manage SSL renewals and will assist with any SSL-related issues, typically resolving them within 48 hours.

4. Other Common Errors

Examples Include:

  • “404 Not Found”
  • “Timeout”

How to Proceed

  • Global Errors: If the error is consistent worldwide, please consult with your developers.
  • Regional Errors: If the error is isolated to China, take a screenshot and contact our support team, noting your browser and device.

How 21YunBox can help: We will validate, resolve, and provide recommendations for any reported errors, usually within 48 hours.

None of the above applies?

For additional support, reach out to 21YunBox Support at support@21yunbox.com.

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