Understanding Solarwinds Technology and Its Challenges in China

Explore how Solarwinds technology works, and discover the major issues it faces when operating in China, including speed and legal compliance challenges.

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SolarWinds provides powerful and affordable IT management software to customers worldwide. From Network Management to Network Configuration, and from Security & Compliance to IT Help-Desk - SolarWinds aims to simplify the complexity of IT operations depending upon the needs of the organization.

Companies such as Yahoo, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Zendesk, and Adobe to name a few, rely on SolarWinds for their IT operations. These companies are among its solid client-base of over 275,000 customers across a wide breadth of industries and scale, right from small businesses to Fortune 500 giants.

Link: Solarwinds Official Site


The performance of Solarwind’s technologies in China has raised a few concerns, this is primarily due to two major issues - speed/loading issues and legal compliance.

Speed or loading issues are caused by compatibility problems with the site. This is further explained in the following article.

Link: CDN or 21Yunbox, Which Do You Need for China?

China’s laws also impose stringent regulatory frameworks that foreign technologies must comply with. More about these legal and compliance issues are can be found in the article below.

Link: Make Your Site Compliant in China

For those interested in the cloud infrastructure used by SolarWinds, they rely on the AWS cloud infrastructure to power their robust portfolio.

Keep in mind the popularity of a given technology doesn’t guarantee its compatibility with particular regions. It’s vital to consider regional restrictions and regulations, especially when considering technology deployment in China.




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