Understanding Dynatrace and Its Issues in China

Explore how Dynatrace functions and the hurdles it faces in the Chinese market. Discover the popular companies using Dynatrace and how 21YunBox provides solutions to its challenges in China.

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ABOUT Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a software intelligence company offering software for application performance monitoring, AIOps, cloud infrastructure monitoring, and digital experience management. Although five major companies such as IBM, SAP, Mercedes-Benz Bank, Virgin Money, and Nordstrom extensively use Dynatrace, their products scale to serve businesses of all sizes.

These firms found value in Dynatrace’s ability to provide software intelligence to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and hasten digital transformation. With Dynatrace, they can monitor and optimize application performance, development efficiency, and customer experience.

Dynatrace leverages artificial intelligence to generate answers and insights from billions of dependencies across millions of metrics. All this happens in real-time without configurations, blind spots, or manual intervention.


Despite Dynatrace’s global acclaim, the technology faces two significant issues in China. The first challenge is speed or loading issues arising from compatibility problems with the site.

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The second prominent issue is legal and compliance complications.

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Dynatrace heavily relies on cloud infrastructures, such as AWS, as stated in their official documentation.

The use of foreign servers undermines load speed and infringes upon certain compliance requirements within China. This can lead to an unpleasant site experience for Chinese users. Fortunately, these issues can be managed effectively and affordably with a 21YunBox solution.




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