Understanding ServiceNow Technology and Its Challenges in China

Get to know ServiceNow, the leading tech used globally, and the issues and solutions related to its use in China's technological environment.

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ABOUT ServiceNow

ServiceNow, a leading cloud computing platform, is primarily used for managing digital workflows for business operations. It is defined by its ability to simplify complex structures, making it a go-to platform for many companies.

Global biggies like AstraZeneca, DXC Technology, and GE Digital have embraced ServiceNow for transforming their digital architectures. Likewise, major governmental bodies like the US Department of State show their trust in this technology, indicating the significant scale of its procurement.

Moreover, firms like Becton Dickinson, the American global medical technology company, and Magellan Health, a for-profit managed healthcare company, also employ ServiceNow. These instances demonstrate the versatility and adaptation of ServiceNow across various industries.


Operating rich tech like ServiceNow in China comes with its challenges due to unique technology ecosystems. The first hurdle is the speed/loading problem stemming from compatibility issues with local sites.

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Another pain point is the legal and compliance issues. Aligning foreign technology with Chinese online regulations requires thorough understanding and meticulous implementation.

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ServiceNow, as a cloud-based technology, leans heavily on robust infrastructures such as Google Cloud for optimal functionality. Expanding to China, where access to these services is restricted, compounds the challenge.

However, solutions do exist. Companies like 21YunBox provide a bridge to streamline ServiceNow operations in China. We ensure your transition and operation in China is effortless and compliant, right down to the last code line.




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