Understanding Freshdesk in China: Challenges and Solutions

Get an in-depth understanding of issues related to the usage of cloud-based technology Freshdesk in China, and discover effective solutions to optimize your experience.

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Freshdesk, a product of Freshworks, is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that streamlines customer support for businesses. This comprehensive tool transforms customer interactions into engaging experiences, helping businesses nurture stronger relationships with their customers.

The versatile nature of this solution has seen it being adopted by several notable firms across the globe. Companies such as HP, Harvard University, and Cisco use Freshdesk as their primary CRM solution. Additionally, Bridgestone, the world’s largest manufacturer of tire and rubber products, employs Freshdesk to handle their customer relations seamlessly.

One key feature of Freshdesk is its cloud infrastructure hosted on Google Cloud, ensuring reliability and scalability for businesses. For more information about Freshdesk’s hosting infrastructure, you can refer to their official document here.


While Freshdesk has been significantly successful in many regions, its implementation within China has hit few roadblocks. The platform’s loading issues stem primarily from compatibility problems. These problems are further explained in this blog post which gives a detailed understanding of the situation.

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Another key issue prevalent with the usage of Freshdesk in China is compliance with local laws. The complex regulatory environment requires a detailed strategy to avoid any legal hassles. This post explains in detail how to ensure your site is compliant with Chinese regulations.

Link: Make Your Site Compliant In China

To deal with the cloud infrastructure issues, it’s good to understand the hosting infrastructure of Freshdesk. Freshdesk is hosted on Google Cloud, which you can confirm through this official document link.

Remember, understanding these issues can help form a better framework for your strategic operations within China.


Freshdesk is a preferred CRM tool by many companies not without reasons. According to G2, a leading B2B software and services review platform, Freshdesk was rated 4.3 out of 5 based on 2,232 reviews. Furthermore, 87% of the reviewers believe that Freshdesk is headed in the right direction.


The popular CRM tool Freshdesk has also generated some buzz on social media. Here is a thread discussing Freshdesk’s ease of use, benefits and how it has transformed customer support. The thread has been liked and shared by numerous users:

Remember, understanding these issues can help form a better framework for your strategic operations within China.


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