Understanding Authorize.Net and Its Challenges in China

Explores the popular payment technology, Authorize.Net, its usage, benefits, and issues that emerge when used in China.

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ABOUT Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net is a leading payment gateway service provider that allows merchants to accept credit card and electronic checks from websites and deposit funds automatically into your merchant bank account. It is a subsidiary of CyberSource Corporation, a Visa solution.

High-profile companies such as Zara, Radisson Hotel, Riot Games, North Face, and National Aquarium count on Authorize.Net to manage their complex business transactions. With a reach that spans across the globe, Authorize.Net significantly simplifies the process of money transactions in many industries.

Beneath its intense e-commerce flexibility lies its scalability that adapts to small and large businesses alike. The platform caters to over 430,000 merchants worldwide, underlining its effectiveness and influence in the landscape of online payments.


While Authorize.Net offers a comprehensive platform for online commerce, its integration in China poses certain challenges. One of the most pressing issues is its slow speed and loading issues. This problem arises due to compatibility issues with local Chinese sites.

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Another significant challenge is dealing with legal and compliance issues. China has unique digital regulations and Authorize.Net often struggles to adapt to these.

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Authorize.Net operates using a sophisticated cloud infrastructure, constructing their services around AWS. However, crossing borders into China, a significantly different privacy law landscape creates a level of uncertainty for technologies like Authorize.Net.

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