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ABOUT Google Fonts API

The Google Fonts API is a web service provided by Google that allows developers to easily include custom fonts on their websites. It provides a free and easy way to use a variety of high-quality fonts on web pages without having to host the font files on their own servers.

The Google Fonts API offers a large collection of open-source fonts that can be used for free on any website or application, including web fonts from classic typefaces to new, modern designs. The API provides developers with a simple way to specify which fonts they want to use and then automatically loads the font files from Google’s servers when the page is loaded.

Using the Google Fonts API can help web developers improve the typography of their websites and enhance the overall user experience. Additionally, because the fonts are served by Google’s servers, they can be cached and loaded more quickly, improving page load times.


There are several issues with using Google Fonts APIs in China, as the service is blocked by the Chinese government’s internet censorship system commonly known as the Great Firewall of China.

This means that users in China cannot access Google Fonts and the font files cannot be loaded on websites hosted in China. This can result in a poor user experience for Chinese visitors to websites that rely on Google Fonts.

To address this issue, website owners in China often need to use alternative font services or host the font files on their own servers, or use 21YunBox to make the whole site work. Some popular alternative font services include fonts hosted by Chinese companies or open-source font libraries that are not blocked by the Great Firewall.

It’s worth noting that the issues with Google Fonts APIs in China are not unique to this service, as many other Google services and websites are also blocked by the Great Firewall. As a result, web developers and website owners who want to reach audiences in China need to be aware of these restrictions and take appropriate steps to ensure that their websites are accessible and functional for Chinese users.

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