ICP Filing refers to reporting the matter to the competent authority and filing it for future reference. Filing is roughly divided into two types: one is operating filing, and the other is non-operating filing. This refers to the latter. All websites that resolve domain names to servers/cloud servers in Mainland China must submit website owner/sponsor information to the Administration and apply for a ICP (ICP License) before they can use the domain name to access the website normally without record. The website will be inspected by its access provider or relevant departments and closed immediately. According to relevant regulations, rectification and fines may also be imposed.


  • ICP Filing Provider: 21YunBox uses Alibaba Cloud filing system.

  • Recording Subject: the website sponsor/owner, that is, the effective unit that makes the ICP filing.

  • ICP: ICP License / ICP obtained after successful ICP Filing.

  • Filing Service Number: a necessary number for ICP Filing. You can purchase this number by contacting us. One Filing Service Number for one first-level custom domain name. If you need to multiple domains, please contact us for consultation.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”) of the People’s Republic of China and network security, the relevant contents of the record are now organized as follows. According to the normal filing process, we need to make the following judgments:

  • Has the website been released? If it is not live, you do not need to a ICP License.
  • Has the website been bound with a custom domain name? If unbound, you do not need to a ICP License.


  • Since 21YunBox is a registered enterprise in China, the content of the website is restricted by the laws and regulations of mainland China, and some content needs to be filed before it can be online (such as education, finance, medical, games, etc.).

  • The WeChat payment and Alipay payment functions of the website store cannot be used, and the registered domain name can be applied.

  • For websites that are bound to a custom domain name, resolve to a domestic server, and are already online, you need to complete the following two filing steps:

    1. ICP Filing (also known as domain name filing, website filing) - Industry and Information Technology Bureau filing

    2. Public Security Filing (also known as Network Security Filing) - Public security department filing.

  • The website has completed the ICP Filing, and the ICP no needs to be placed in the footer of the website.

  • The website has completed the Public Security Filing, and the public network registration, the public security registration number, and the police badge icon must be placed in the footer of the website. If your website has completed ICP filing, public security filing, filing number in the footer and adding a police badge icon, your website now fully complies with the filing requirements of the MIIT of the People’s Republic of China and Internet Security (if there are other changes, we will promptly notify. )

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