Congratulations! You have finally launched your app or game in China and are ready to invest in some mobile advertising to find users. You’ll be in good hands with the experts at 21YunBox, where we make it simple to understand China’s unique media landscape.

21YunBox’s User Acquisition (UA) Service

21YunBox offers two types of User Acquisition (UA) services:

  1. App Store UA – Paid advertising and other campaigns within China’s app stores, where your app or game is listed.

  2. Media Platform UA – Mobile advertising across China’s media landscape

We usually recommend our clients try Media Platform UA mobile advertising as a secondary option after App Store UA, due to its high number of monthly active users and the ability to conduct accurate user targeting. This page covers our Media Platform UA model.

Our system covers the three largest media platform operators in China: ByteDance, Tencent, and Baidu. Their products cover a wide range of types, including social media, news apps, search engines, browsers, and video apps.

There are two key methods of media user acquisition available:

  1. H5 landing page – An HTML5 landing page geared toward selling your app and driving users to download it.
  2. App download – Either through redirect or a direct app download within the ad.

Optimize Your Media UA in China

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Media UA Pricing Models

There are three key pricing models available:

  • Cost Per Mille (CPM) – The cost per 1000 impressions of your ad.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) – The cost per user who clicks on the ad or link.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – The cost to acquire one paying customer.

Key Factors for a Successful Campaign

Your Media Platform UA campaign’s effectiveness relies on these key factors:

  • Materials – A clear description of your product, including high-quality images and advertising banners.

  • Landing Page – A clear, high-quality landing page highlighting the key features of your app, special offers if appropriate, and a call to action.

  • User Targeting – Carefully selected demographic tags including interests, age, gender, location, and purchasing record.

  • Bid Price – A higher bid price generally results in more conversions, but the price will also vary according to factors such as app category and competing bid levels.

Our Optimization Strategy

During the pre-launch phase and ongoing campaign, your campaign will be continually and systematically optimized to maximize results.

Media User Acquisition Optimization Strategy
Media User Acquisition Optimization Strategy

A Three-Step Process

1. Testing

We recommend testing UA across Toutiao and Douyin, and Baidu initially, to determine the key metrics for each channel.

2. Expansion

According to the results of the testing phase, the next phase is to expand the scale of the Media Platform UA campaign by increasing your budget to ensure that the results achieved in the testing phase are repeatable at scale.

3. Stabilization

Once the expansion phase is proven to produce a positive return on investment, we move to stabilization. We confirm a Media Platform UA strategy for your app to ensure we maintain these results over the long-term.

The 21YunBox Advantage

21YunBox’s experts are intimately familiar with the China market and how to most effectively reach China’s users. Your campaign will be run by a dedicated account manager, reachable by phone, email, or messaging, and our online dashboard gives you 24-hour access to your campaign, including metrics and analytics to track its effectiveness and progress. Send us a message to get started.