Huawei AppGallery
Huawei AppGallery

With the Chinese app market’s immense potential, understanding the nuances of its top app stores - Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Tencent - is crucial for Western developers. These platforms collectively boast over a billion monthly active users, offering an unparalleled opportunity for app expansion. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of making your app available in these key markets.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Developer Account for Success (1 – 2 working days)

The journey begins with creating a developer account on each app store. This process involves real-name verification, which varies slightly depending on whether you’re an individual or an entity. Individuals need to provide ID and bank documents, while entities are usually required to submit a DUNS number, business license, and a small payment for bank validation.

It’s wise to use consistent information across all platforms to sidestep potential IP disputes and ensure you can reclaim your app if it’s pirated.

Huawei AppGallery Verification Process
Huawei AppGallery Verification Process

Step 2: Crafting a Winning App Profile and Uploading Key Documents

Now, let’s focus on your app’s APK, its creative sets (description, screenshots, video demos), and essential documents. These elements are your app’s storefront, reflecting its identity and value proposition. Although they can be updated annually, getting them right the first time is pivotal for app store optimization.

Don’t forget to upload the mandatory documents: a Software Copyright Certificate and a Mobile App ICP Filing. Depending on your app’s features, additional licenses may be required.

Link: ICP Filing Guide for China

Link: Comprehensive Software Copyright Certificate Guide

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Step 3: Navigating the App Store Approval Process (Typically 3 – 5 Working Days)

The approval process generally spans three to five business days, though more intricate apps might extend up to a week. Upon approval, your app will be poised for online distribution. However, be prepared for a secondary review if there’s a need for adjustments in documentation, app design, content, or user agreements. This phase is crucial as it allows developers to engage directly with the app review team, gaining specific guidance to ensure your app aligns seamlessly with Chinese legal standards.

Key Focus Areas for App Store Compliance

The journey to app store approval can be unique for each app, depending on its functionality and service scope. At 21YunBox, we’ve successfully guided over 800 apps through this process, identifying key areas every developer should meticulously review before submitting their app:

  • Precise placement and formatting of the user agreement and privacy policy within the app.
  • A clear mechanism for user feedback, complaints, and support requests.
  • Judicious timing and scope for requesting user permissions, aligned with your app’s data collection needs.
  • The design and functionality of any pop-up elements within the app.

Stay ahead of the curve as regulations evolve. Leverage 21YunBox’s expertise in app distribution to save precious time and ensure your app is primed for a swift review process. Request a free assessment here to identify and address any potential roadblocks in your app’s path to release.