How to Deploy Gatsby Static Sites in China (A Step-by-Step Guide)
How to Deploy Gatsby Static Sites in China (A Step-by-Step Guide)

In this articles we discuss the options, best methods, and steps of deploying Gatsby in China while maintaining its world-class performance.

Why Gatsby?

From Gatsby's Official Website
From Gatsby's Official Website

Gatsby builds the fastest sites in the world. Their modern site framework implements performance and blazing fast speeds into your sites.

How to Improve Gatsby’s Performance in China

Is your Gatsby Site Stuck in the Mud
Is your Gatsby Site Stuck in the Mud

Deploying your Gatsby code in China without the proper hosting service is like driving your Tesla Model X on muddy roads, doable but about 5-8x times slower. The slow performance is a result of foreign hosting services having to deal with the Great Firewall and foreign DNS.

There are a few static site hosting options within China, such as AWS S3 China Region or Ali Cloud OSS. In addition to the infamous slow customer service by these larger companies, they also do not offer the same level of “build and deploy” services such as Netlify or Heroku.

To get the maximum performance out of your Gatsby framework, we recommend 21YunBox.

Maximize Your Site's Performance with 21YunBox
Maximize Your Site's Performance with 21YunBox

21YunBox’s Simple Steps to Deploy and Host Gatsby in China

  1. Sign Up with 21Yunbox
  2. See Gatsby Example
  3. Use the following to configure.

Environment Static Pages Build command yarn && yarn build Publish catalog ./public

Environment Static Page
Build Command yarn && yarn build
Publish catalog ./public

Here is a video if you would like to watch along with a deployment example:

Why Choose 21YunBox

Described as the Netlify of China, 21YunBox is based out of Beijing. Our solutions enable your team to be more effective in reaching the 1.3 billion people within The Great Chinese Firewall by hosting your sites at blazing speeds without having to deal with servers.

Not fluent in Chinese? No worries, 21Yunbox’s support team is hand chosen to offer you a top-notch English support experience.

If you still need your ICP license and don’t want your site shut down? 21YunBox can help you out with full support in getting your required ICP license to run your site legally in China.

How to get started with 21YunBox

Click here to get an account of 21YunBox, then you can deploy your Gatsby project in China.

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