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The Git workflow works in China.
Low Code, built-in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Make Your Build Faster in China

Slow and unstable git clone, npm install, pip install slow down the whole engineering team's productivity.

With 21YunBox, we brought the tools you love back in China. Now, you can pick the tool you love and build the site you want, and we take care of the rest.

21YunBox Make your git clone, npm install, pip install and many other package management tools run fast in China

Instant Continuous Deployment

21YunBox Build is all the infrastructure and automation you need to go from Git to China deployment.

Build in Build CI/CD Pipeline.
21YunBox Quote
It only took me minutes to push a website up and present in Mainland China. I didn't anticipate it would be that easy. 21YunBox saved me days of research on deploying websites for China.

James F.
VP of Engineering, HuntScan

Deployments with all the dev-ops done for you

Complex deployments used to require an entire dev-ops team. With 21YunBox Build, everything is already set up and fully automated.

Not just front-end static sites, 21YunBox Build makes it possible for all popular backend frameworks and databases too.

Your Backend APIs (Node, Python, PHP, Java, Ruby) run faster in China with 21YunBox

Now, Let’s deploy to production

Host all your projects on the same China infrastructure used by publicly traded companies Zippo, Bottega Veneta, and Commune Lifestyle.

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Make Your Site Work Within the Great Firewall of China
Make Your Site Work Within the Great Firewall of China

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