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Provides an easy-to-use, automatic deployment and hosting solution that is ops-free for your personal projects, blogs, resumes, and other projects.

  • Restrict non-commercial use
  • Built-in one-click automatic deployment
  • Support China ICP Filing
  • Support Custom domain without ICP Filing
  • Built-in Zero Downtime Deployment
  • Fully managed SSL security certificate


As a robust backbone of your agency, our team helps you develop new clients and projects. Achieve more with less effort with the tools you love.

  • Restrict the use of project demonstrations
  • Business features, plus:
  • 21YunBox's Sales Team cooperates with sales
  • 21YunBox's Solution Architect cooperate with in-depth training
  • Free credits on 21YunBox Backend Runtimes
  • Free credits on 21YunBox Databases
  • Free credits on Headless CMS and many other apps

Open Source

We like open-source projects and hope to provide a stable and fast-access site in China for open-source projects. Welcome open-source projects to apply.

  • Blazing Fast CDN in China
  • Support China ICP Filing
  • Support Custom domain without ICP Filing

They are using 21YunBox

Commune Lifestyle

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if my domain name support ICP Filing in China, can you help?

Yes, you can deploy the project to nodes close to mainland China (such as Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and/or Singapore) through our offshore builder. Then configure your DNS to our server that you don't need ICP filing, and your site can also be accessed in China. But we suggest: In order to ensure a more stable access speed and full compatibility with the regulations in China, you need an ICP. Contact us and tell us about your situation, we are happy to help.

I don’t have an ID card from Mainland China, can I apply for ICP filing?

Depends. Contact us and tell us a little bit more about your situation we can help from there.

Other questions?

Not sure if you can support this? Click here to contact us explaining what you do (or are trying to do) and we're happy to support your needs.

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