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In the last 8 years of helping companies coming to China, We have seen many businesses that failed to make their sites work in China because of the below challenges. We want to help your business overcome it, and that's why we created 21YunBox.

Tobias L.
Founder, 21YunBox

Challenge 1: Your Site Opens Slow and Even Broken in China. Why

The web hosting providers you love aren't loading.

Example: Steve Madden's Site load outside China vs China. Learn more about this article.

Shopify, Magento Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Squarespace, Webflow, Wix, Heroku, Firebase, are either completely blocked or very slow in China.

Results: Your site shows up frozen or completely unable to load.

* This might not look obvious to you if you are not in China network condition.

Challenge 2: Your site got banned in China accidentally because you don't know this.

Hosting illegally in China and got your main domain blocked completely in China.

Hosting your site without the right legal licenses is like operating a business without licenses. This hurts your brand's image, and it's unrecoverable in China. Learn more about how brands are taking advantage of this already.

Unsure if your site is prepared for China legitimately or not? Check here.

Results: Your site domain is blocked in China.

* Nike's website in China (right), with zoomed and highlighted ICP. You can find legal licenses shown in the footer of websites that comply with the laws in China.

Screenshot to show Nike's website in China, with zoomed and highlighted ICP in red. You can find legal licenses showed at the footer of most legitimately hosted websites in China.

Challenge 3: Your whole team isn't moving forward when it comes to China. Why?

The tools your team relies on aren't performing in China.

The analytics your team relies on aren't performing

Google Analytics, Matomo, and Mixpanel give you the wrong results in China.

Results: marketing team has no idea what's going on with the site in China.

The Content Management System (CMS) your team love isn't performing.

Sitecore, WordPress, Drupal, Contentful are either completely blocked or very slow in China.

Results: slow down teams collaboration for China.

Google Analytics, Shopify, Youtube, Contentful, Matomo, Drupal, Mixpanel, WordPress, and Stripe just don't work and don't even have supports for users in China.

We Are Here To Help

 Make your Shopify site load fast.

 Make your Shopify site Fully Comply With the Laws in China.

 Make your Teams Flow with the Tools They love.

How Does 21YunBox Shopify Accleration Work?

With 21YunBox, your site can be optimized for China in just 2 weeks, instead of months or years. We help with all the technical heavy-lifting.

Step 1: Submit Your Site

Step 2: We'll scan your site to create a 21YunBox version, and generate your plan.

Step 3: Once you subscribe, our engineers then set-up and test your 21YunBox site.

Step 4: Launch your 21YunBox site with a quick 15 minute DNS update.

All Deployments are Backed by 21YunBox Cross-border Network

We build your acceleration site on top of leading cloud providers in China.

21YunBox Edge. Advanced functionality built on top of leading cloud providers in China - Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Tencent Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Huawei Cloud, and Baidu AI Cloud

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Make Your Site Work Within the Great Firewall of China

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