21YunBox helps save clients months of legal delays
21YunBox helps save clients months of legal delays

Norwegian publicly traded company Nordic Semiconductor (NDCVF) first contacted 21YunBox looking for a simple solution to deploy a new company website in China.

Jørgen, the Director of Marketing, was tasked with getting the new site live in China. He had a short window of two months to meet their deadline.

After Jørgen deployed several test websites to 21YunBox Edge, they chose to use 21YunBox to deploy and host their website in China.

Challenge: Tight Timeline

A few weeks into developing their new website for China, their corporate Web platform manager, Maja reached out to Jørgen.

She was exploring options for another web project in China. The time required for Maja to perform her due diligence and proof of concept prevented Jørgen from applying for the ICP when originally planned.

After a month of internal delays, Jørgen was only four weeks out from their looming deadline, and they still had not applied for their ICP license.

In parallel with her due diligence, Maja found an old ICP filing that her predecessors had obtained back in 2016. Because of staff turnover in the last six years, there were many unknowns about the ICP. Such as what hosting provider the ICP was tied to. But they did know the ICP was filed under their company’s old entity, a Representative Office.

Since the ICP application usually takes up to 20 business days, Nordic Semiconductor thought they could proceed with the 2016 ICP for the upcoming launch to save time.

Unaware that China would allow for a website to be hosted in China without a valid ICP, Jørgen mentioned over email they hoped to use the old ICP to save time.

Solution: Understanding the Nuances of the ICP licence

After a couple of emails and a call with 21YunBox, Jørgen and Maja realized that the 2016 ICP would not work because the old:

  1. ICP was not registered under the current entity.
  2. ICP was tied to a former and unknown hosting provider.

After learning of these issues, Jørgen realized they would need to apply for a new ICP license with their updated wholly owned business entity and new hosting provider.

If Nordic Semiconductor had intended to use the 2016 ICP, their website across China would have displayed something like this on launch day.

This is what you'll see if a website is deployed without a valid ICP
This is what you'll see if a website is deployed without a valid ICP

Results: Launching on Time and Preventing Delays:

Instead of going down the wrong path, Jørgen could re-adjust in time. He was able to consult with 21YunBox and use our ICP guidance documentation to apply and receive their ICP license in time for their China launch. Preventing possibly months of avoidable delays and costs.

Nordic Semiconductor successfully launches website in China
Nordic Semiconductor successfully launches website in China

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