WeChat Mini Programs
WeChat Mini Programs

As of 2023, WeChat Mini Programs continue to be a significant part of China’s digital landscape, with over 450 million daily active users. If you’re an app owner in the West looking to tap into this vast market, there are several key design and best practices you should consider. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you get started.

Understanding WeChat Mini Programs

In essence, WeChat Mini Programs are designed for quick and straightforward interactions. Users should be able to accomplish tasks efficiently, even during short sessions. Here are some essential design principles to help you succeed in the Chinese market:

1. Seamless User Experience

One of the key principles is to ensure that users can complete their tasks within a single session. Avoid design elements that require users to leave and return to your Mini Program. The user journey should be smooth and uninterrupted.

2. Offline Accessibility

Crucial elements of your Mini Program, such as images, content, menus, and interfaces, should not rely on a continuous internet connection. Users in China may have limited or intermittent access to the internet, so offline capabilities are a significant advantage.

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3. Focus on Core Features

Rather than trying to replicate all the functionalities of your native app, concentrate on offering core features through your Mini Program. Encourage users to download your native app for additional functionalities. Depending on your app’s nature, consider creating multiple Mini Programs, each catering to specific sets of features.

For instance, a restaurant application could offer restaurant search and reviews in one Mini Program and confine ordering features to a separate one. By reserving high-value tasks for your native app, you incentivize users to download it, thereby increasing your daily active users and organic reach.

4. Adherence to Design Conventions

Stick to established Mini Program and WeChat design conventions. Keep your navigation simple and intuitive, with a single-level navigation system that allows users to move horizontally forward and backward. Ensure there is a visible back button within your app to prevent users from accidentally exiting the Mini Program.

5. Rigorous Testing

Test your Mini Program on various screen sizes and orientations, covering both iOS and Android devices. Remember that users who don’t regularly update their WeChat app and device operating systems may encounter compatibility issues. Ensure that you have a robust error handling system to prevent users from encountering a “White Screen of Death.”

6. Leverage Sharing

Take full advantage of the sharing capabilities of WeChat Mini Programs by creating well-composed sharing cards and prominently featuring sharing options in the upper-right menu. Offering additional value for users who share your Mini Program can incentivize word-of-mouth promotion.

7. Save to Favorites

Encourage users to save your Mini Program to their favorites by including a pop-up notification. This makes it easier for users to access your Mini Program at a later time, even if they forget to do so initially.

8. Minimal Login Walls

Implement login walls only when absolutely necessary. Users may quickly exit your Mini Program if they encounter a login prompt as the first interaction. If you don’t require user information, avoid asking for it to minimize friction.

9. Optimize for Slow Connections

To accommodate users with slower internet connections, consider using a simple, minimal “skeleton screen” that loads instantly, along with a loading bar to indicate the expected wait time. These features can help reduce bounce rates.

10. Utilize the WeChat API

Leverage the WeChat API to preload users’ information into forms. This not only saves users time but also enhances the overall value of your Mini Program.


Adapting your app for the Chinese market and optimizing it for WeChat Mini Programs may require some adjustments, but it offers immense growth potential. By following these best design practices, you can make your Mini Program more appealing and user-friendly for the Chinese audience.

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